Is It Possible That I Could Love You More After We Work Together?

My niece-in-law is a rock star!!

If you heard any of the speeches that were given on her big day, you would’ve thought that it was a roast (of course it was all out of love). But, let me tell you about this wonderful woman Ashley Ferguson. She has vision and she knows how to collaborate. She knows how to listen and how to explain what she wants and doesn’t want. She knows how to compromise and she definitely knows how to get me excited about my work.

Can I just tell you that in this process, there were several evenings that we got so excited about how a sign came out, that we had to FaceTime to share a victory dance!

This wedding is exactly what I needed to get the courage to start my calligraphy business and just go for it—what a dream!

I Want That Wedding

I was on TV!! Not really, but kinda. Let me explain.

Last Sunday was the launch a new show on TLC. It’s called, I Want That Wedding, where one couple goes to three different weddings and then they decide which style and budget they would like for their own wedding.

Liza & Keith, (my in-laws) were planning their wedding, exploring their style and setting a budget. And guess what, they we’re lucky enough to find an awesome calligrapher (your’s truly) to work within their budget—and of course, the family discount on top of that. Anyway, they also volunteered to have their wedding be one of the featured weddings on this show.

In the end, I only created a few calligraphy pieces. If you pay close attention, you’ll see a few appearances in the show. The episode was THAT Wedding: Donia Tells All.

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